How to use a weed grinder

If you are a regular smoker who enjoys smoking weed as much as the other people out there, then you might have purchased a weed grinder for a much better experience. However, there are some tricks and tips that you should practice using the four chamber grinder to effectively grind your herbs that you would use in smoking or any other purposes. This guide will help you on how to use a weed grinder properly and effectively by just following these simple steps.

You should start by screwing the weed chamber just above the kief chamber. Once screwed, pick up the grinder teeth and start screwing it on top of the weed chamber. And then you can take the lid to place it just above the grinder teeth.

Now that all the chambers are attached tightly, take the lid carefully away from the best grinder. Once it is removed, you can now put your marijuana or cannabis flower (whichever you prefer) and put it there. To distribute the herb properly, you can shred it into pieces and put it on the grinder teeth. Another tip is that avoid placing herbs on the center of the grinder teeth where the magnet is located. Because if you do place it, the herb would eventually interfere when you try to lock the lid.

Now that you’ve locked the lid, time to grind your herbs. Make sure that you spin the lid about 10 times to make sure that all the herbs had fallen into the holes of the grinder teeth.

Make sure that the herbs are all on the ground before you remove the grinder teeth and the base by twisting it firmly. Once the upper base is removed, the herbs are now ready to use for smoking, vaporizing and any other purposes.

Now you should collect the most kief using a coin to make sure that the refined grounds would fall right into the kief chamber. You can also shake it gently to make sure once more that all tiny particles of the grounds had passed the screen and into the kief chamber. Once you’re done, gently remove the upper part by just unscrewing the screen section until the only one left is the kief chamber that is filled with purely and nicely refined grounds. You can now use it on your bong or whatever that you prefer when you are smoking.